A summer azure butterfly resting on a tall bellflower
A summer azure butterfly (Celastrina neglecta) on tall bellflower (Campanula americana).

Just a quick note to say
Unless it’s credited in the photo caption, all photos on are taken by me, Alicia Houk, and are available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

My Camera
I don’t actually recommend the camera I use for this type of photography (because it can be really difficult to get it to focus properly close up!), but I do want to mention my camera just because I so appreciate that it still works. I use a Canon Powershot G16. A recent drought was broken by a night of down pouring rain, a night I accidentally left my camera on the picnic table -it still works! A few nights later I accidentally left it out on the grass, found it the next morning in heavy dew -it still works! I’ve been hard on this camera for six years, and it stills works.