Edible Spring Wildflowers

Spring is here and the days are warming.  We’re outside more and more, enjoying the sun, working away in the garden: naturally, we need a snack.



These are the edible spring flowers, that we can use as a beautiful garnish or just a very pretty bite to eat for the kids.  On a walk the other day, my two year old started yelling, offended that we’d passed by a redbud tree without getting him any “yummy flowers.”  So we went back -no problem, free snack.

The following are flowers that by all accounts are edible, but please make sure you always properly identify your wildflower before eating it!  And if you have pollen allergies to certain types of flowers, please also avoid eating them.

Let me know if you give these a try!

Wild strawberry
Fragaria virginiana

Spring beauty, Claytonia virginica

Cercis canadensis

Common Violet
Viola sororia

Spring beauty
Claytonia virginica

Spring beauty, Claytonia virginica

Trout lily
Erythronium albidum

Trout lily, Erythronium albidum
Courtesy of Dr. John Hilty

Trasdescantia ohioensis

Spiderwort, Tradescantia ohioensis
Courtesy of Dr. John Hilty

American linden
Tilia americana

American linden, Tilia americana
Courtesy of Dr. John Hilty

Spotted beebalm
Monarda punctata

Spotted beebalm, Monarda punctata
Courtesy of Dr. John Hilty

Black locust
Robinia psuedoacacia

Black locust, Robinia psuedoacacia
Courtesy of Dr. John Hilty


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